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A positive culture is one of the most valuable things that a workplace or team can have.  It’s the foundation that supports every member of the team to be their very best. 


Our belief is that a positive culture needs to be created and maintained intentionally.  It doesn't happen by accident, and everyone needs to play a part in the creation and maintenance of it.  It comes down to some very simple things though.  It's about getting people to discuss the behaviours that make them feel good, and the ones that as a group they'd like to avoid.  Then we come up with strategies and techniques to achieve the goals that your team has highlighted together.  


We start by looking at how to bring more of a sense of happiness and wellbeing into our personal daily lives and then we look at how to introduce that into the workplace.  From there we'll discover how that positive culture can trickle down to our clients, students, or out into the community too.


Probably the biggest reason for spending the time to create a positive culture is that it brings everyone in your team to the same point.  The same understanding.  The same decision.  People will discover that while they may have opposing views on different subjects, they've highlighted the fact that their ultimate goal (to be effective, to feel appreciated and understood, to have a sense of belonging) is the same.


“Very purposeful in uniting staff in a common goal of accepting the responsibility to improve our own wellbeing and to support our colleagues. Information presented was intentional and brought about healthy discussion that led to new initiatives in the school that have been welcomed by the larger group including a dedicated ‘Quiet Space’ for staff to re-energise, and Appreciation Boards in each staffroom/common rooms for a quick thank you and shout outs to colleagues for helping out.” 

Lisa - Yeppoon State High School

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