Going wild! Getting up close & personal with nature.

The Alby Wooler Envirotrail in Yeppoon is an absolute gem. Tucked away on the grounds of Yeppoon State School and backing onto the Rail Trail this really is a hidden oasis. Malcom and Sabrina from the Cap Coast Landcare group led our adventure and guided us on a meandering walk through remnant vegetation including rainforest, pandanus forest, vine thicket, open forest and creekline ecosystems. The Envirotrail is a little pocket of wonderful that has escaped urban clearing. Walking along it allows us to imagine what this entire area was once like, covered with forest and teeming with life.

While I listened to Malcom and Sabrina point out various plants, trees, birdsong, insects, seeds and evidence of erosion, I was struck by their depth of knowledge and passion. They work hard to create awareness and wise management of our local environment, basically they care and they get it. They understand how vital it is to protect our precious world and they, together with their awesome band of dedicated volunteers are making a real difference. Put very simply they are constantly working to ensure that our connection with nature continues.

The focus of this event was ‘Connecting with nature’. We are surrounded by nature but often we don’t stop and take the time to really connect. We don’t stop to look closely at a leaf and watch the green ants going about their work, or stop walking and listen to the birds singing, or look closely at a fallen tree branch which has become a natural habitat for many species and is slowly being broken down by fungus so that it will eventually decompose and return to the earth.

Spending time and connecting with nature allows us to experience a sense of wonder, peace and belonging. To quote Albert Enstein, "Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." He got it!!

Huge thanks as always to our sponsors, Keppel Dental, The Real Group, Livingstone Shire Council and LiveLife Pharmacy. Your support allows us to continue to offer these monthly events free to our community! We thank you!

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