Best day ever!

‘Best day ever!” was how one of our youngest participants described our coastal walking adventure. And the adults raved too... It doesn't get much better than that!

We had such a great turn out with a terrific bunch of people ranging from toddlers to retirees who not only loved the location, but had a unique way of connecting with each other too. That is one of the best things about spending time in nature, It has such a broad appeal, anyone can do it, and it often leads to inspiration of all kinds!

Phill Jenkins a local artist and nature enthusiast was our trusty leader for the morning. He led us on a discovery adventure starting at the breakwater at Ross Creek, heading south along Fisherman’s beach and then over the rocks at low tide to Cooee Bay. None of us had ever done it before and it was a picture-perfect day with conditions ideal for our adventure. Phill’s enthusiasm is infectious and it was a joy to listen to him share his knowledge about this stretch of coastline and all of its wonders, the rocks, vegetation and the treasures that were waiting to be discovered.

Did you know that this area was once jam packed with fishing trawlers and teeming with activity? It was also a popular swimming spot complete with a diving board and a wooden slide!

We collected sea glass in every colour, shells and rocks of many varieties and we were on the look-out for rubbish, but fortunately we came across very little. We discovered a shady cave which would be the perfect spot to take shelter from the sun and found lots of potential picnic spots. It was so interesting to see the varying geological formations, diversity of vegetation and the beautiful rocks and shells. The kids in our group had great fun climbing on the rocky outcrops and paddling in the rock pools, so much freedom!

One of my highlights was seeing Keppel Bay from a new perspective. At one point I could see from the Rosslyn Bay Harbour to Sandy point at Corio Bay, and so many great spots in between. In case you haven’t got my drift, we really did have the best time. Our adventure wrapped up at Two Sisters Coffee Bar where the staff were very accommodating and didn’t grumble even though we turned up very close to closing time. Thank you Two Sisters!!! We needed that!!

The focus of this event was connecting with nature and this adventure definitely fit the bill. There are so many proven benefits that come from spending time in nature. It improves our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well-being which is why we feel so good afterwards!

The best part is that there is something for everyone, it really doesn’t matter how you get your kicks, whether it be surfing, bird watching or hiking. The important thing is to get out there and find something that makes you feel good, be curious about the world around you, find your own groove and you will reap the rewards

Here's the route we took!

A huge thank you also goes to our wonderful sponsors who allow us to offer our monthly events free to our community! Keppel Dental, The Real Group and Livingstone Shire Council... we thank you!

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