Laughter is the best medicine!

What a hoot we had!!!

We've heard it said a million times that laughter is the best medicine... and guess what? It's true!! Not only does it feel good to have a good old belly laugh, there is a very long list of benefits for your mind & body...

Laughter reduces your blood pressure which reduces your risk of stroke & heart attack. It reduces your stress hormones, so that you can enjoy your life more fully. It works your abs to have you looking your very best. It improves your cardiac health, releases endorphins, and brings a sense of overall wellbeing. And.... it's fun, which is essentially why we wanted to give it a try.

Lee-Ann Lovegrove from The Happiness Prescription led our wonderful group through the process of laughing as an exercise, but of course the genuine laughter wasn't far behind. I for one had cramps in my cheeks from laughing too hard!

And what did the group think? They said it made them feel happy, light, calm, peaceful, energised.. and the only complaint to be had was about the possible addition of more laughter lines around the eyes... but who cares about wrinkles when we're so damn happy???

Of course there's always a reason behind each of our events, and the take home from this one is that laughing and having fun in general plays a vital role in our physical and mental health. In addition to the benefits of laughing... having fun in any form is also proven to improve our ability to cope, boost our energy, improve our memory and concentration, improve our connection with others, and it even improves our sleep.

So many good reasons to bring more fun into our lives!

Thank you to everyone who came along to wonderful event, and stay tuned... we will definitely be trying to make it happen again!

A huge thank you also goes to our wonderful sponsors who allow us to offer our monthly events free to our community! Keppel Dental, The Real Group and Livingstone Shire Council... we thank you!

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