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Spending time in nature makes us happy! It's that simple!

We've shared the research with you already in our blog post: But here are the highlights... Spending time in nature lowers our heart rate & blood pressure, reduces stress hormones and boosts our immune system, while boosting our confidence, self esteem & creativity. See why we want you to have more of this?

So in order to bring more nature into our community, we took a group of Yeppoon State High School students on a journey, with the help of Film Maker Lisa Clarke, teaching them filming skills and setting them the task of getting into nature, and filming themselves at the same time. Our hope was that through filming, they would fall in love with the outdoors, and their lives would be richer for it. And now it's your turn to be inspired... check out this video and then get out into the beautiful world we live in! This film will be screened on Australia Day 2019 at For Art's Sake Gallery - Capricorn Coast. It will be on the Capricorn Coast TV video loop playing all day on the LCD screen inside the gallery and it will be a high definition projection on the alleyway window of the gallery from about 6.30pm, all thanks to tlu creative studio. Get on down and check it out! This project is proudly supported by Livingstone Shire Council through Placemaking, CQUniversity Australia & Keppel Coast Arts

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