Singing. How a little 'la la' can improve your life!

Are you a singer? That’s a question for modern times right? It wasn’t too long ago that everyone considered themselves a singer. People throughout history have come together to sing around camp fires, pianos, for celebrations and ceremonies of all kinds. People have sung forever. But something about today’s society has made singing a pastime that only certain people are allowed to do. Singers. As if the rest of us shouldn’t use our voices in the way they were intended. Well before I go much further, I should say that I too have worn the label of ‘singer’ in its modern sense. For a while there I made my living by singing, and yet I want to convince you that it’s a totally bogus label. ‘Singing’ is not for VIPs only… it’s your birthright and if you’ve avoided it until now, let me tell you why it’s time to dust off your vocal chords and start making a noise! I have sung, loudly, for as long as I can remember. As a child I used to find spaces where I could be alone, so that I could voice my emotions, bathing myself in the sound reverberating around my body and the empty house or shed that I was in. Even then, I knew I needed to express my emotions through song. It was like an itch that needed scratching. By singing what I was feeling, freely, loudly, uninhibited, I freed myself from whatever was challenging me. As a teenager, the most exciting news I could hear was that my whole family was going out, leaving me in the house alone. As soon as they left, I began to sing, passionately. And the songs I chose reflected exactly how I was feeling in that moment. It’s hard to describe what singing in this way gives me. But here are my poor attempts. I feel alive when I sing. I feel a sense of resilience even when I’m expressing sadness and grief. I feel connected to myself, and the world around me. I feel dynamic and capable. And I feel at peace. And of course I’m not alone is noticing the effects of song… Neuroscience can now prove that singing makes us happier, healthier, smarter & more creative. That’s a pretty good return for having fun right? So how does it do it? Well according to the research, singing fires up the right side of the brain, releasing chemicals that enhance the neuroplasticity of our brains, boosting the immune system, fighting illness, and increasing our learning abilities across the board. And here’s the thing… all of these health benefits are there for you whether you think you can sing or not! It’s time to shake the labels of singer and non-singer. We are all singers. We were born to express ourselves through song. So… are you keen to give it a try? Perfect! You’re just in time to take part in an inspired worldwide event: World Singing Day! Sing together… Unite the world! This year World Singing Day is taking place on Saturday October 20, and we have a local event right here on the Yeppoon Foreshore. It will be an amazing experience with hundreds of people coming together locally to sing. The airwaves will be filled with the most glorious vibrations. You’ll feel a connection to your community, and you’ll walk away feeling the effects of all of those health benefits listed above. So how can you get involved? Head to to hear the song, then just turn up! We'll have lyric sheets ready for you on the day. Want to improve your life? Start now. The world is waiting to sing with you!

With kindness,


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