Positive Family Stencils

Domestic and Family Violence is the reality for too many young people so we wanted to start this conversation in a positive way, using art as the vehicle to empower them to make positive change within their families, and have an impact on community at the same time, being role models for others.

This project is working in conjunction with Livingstone Shire Council Placemaking and Communities for Domestic and Family Violence Month and is also supported by Keppel Coast Arts & CQUniversity.

So how did it all happen? We engaged around 60 students from Yeppoon State High School in a conversation, encouraging participants to consider and explore what a positive family culture looks like. Their response was simple and profound.

The words you see painted on the walls are the ones that the students reflected back to us. What do our families need? We need to spend more time together, pay attention to each other, share and communicate.

The students then went further to create stencil images that represented what's important to them when it comes to families.

Local street artist Martin Schlick from Mash Designs took their works of art and painted them on walls around Yeppoon to inspire further reflection within our community. To check them out, head to the BBQ areas at Farnborough Beach and Yeppoon Main Beach (beside the SLSC) as well as the playground area behind the CDC.

Very soon you'll be able to watch the film by Simmons Creative Films, so stay tuned.

And for now, you can find all of our photos on our Facebook page right here.

This project is supported by the Livingstone Shire Council through the Placemaking Program, Keppel Coast Arts & CQUniversity. Thank you for supporting positive action in our community!

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