Yarn Bombing the Bollards

Because even bollards get cold in Winter…

This has been a total hoot! For this yarn bombing, we brought all sorts of people together, got to know each other, swapped a load of skills, and created something truly beautiful! In total there have been over 150 people involved in making more than 60 bollard covers. We estimate that makes around 900 hours of community collaboration to make and install these babies.

We had students from Yeppoon State High School, Yeppoon Yarners, the Girl Guides, and a broad range of individuals learning and sharing the skill of knitting or crocheting with friends and family to create pieces of public art, and become part of a proactive community group inspiring positivity.

Research shows that it’s our connection with community that is the greatest factor in living a long and happy life, which is why ‘Yarn Bombing the Bollards’ is sneakily great! It’s fostering greater bonds within families (with Grandmothers teaching grandchildren etc) and within our community (with people using this as an excuse to talk and spend time getting to know one another). One of the greatest aspects of this project is its ability to bring together the older generation and the youth. Making this kind of connection leads to a greater sense of understanding and compassion in all areas of society.

Thank you to everyone who picked up a crochet hook, or a set of knitting needles. You have brought more positivity into this world just by being involved!

Just look at what we have created… isn’t it beautiful?

Check out this film by Simmons Creative Films.

And you can find all of our photos on our Facebook page right here.

This project is supported by the Livingstone Shire Council through the Placemaking Program, and Keppel Coast Arts. Thank you for supporting positive action in our community!

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