Leftover BBQ Chicken & Mango Salad

easy leftovers recipe

(sugar free, dairy free, egg free, gluten free)

This is much less of a recipe and much more of a meal suggestion. It's a 'throw it all together' type of thing, and it doesn't matter what salad ingredients you have... everything goes. The important bit is really just the addition of mango in a salad, so before mango season ends completely, get yourself some and get salading! This is quite possibly my favourite type of summer salad. Did I mention I looooove mangoes???

Ingredients (what I threw together this time)


red capsicum

grated carrot

spring onions


left over BBQ chicken (totally optional)


lime juice

salt & pepper


Chop your salad ingredients up and throw them in a bowl with the mango and chicken (if you've got some).

Squeeze the lime juice over the top and throw the coriander on.

Then go and find your most comfy chair and relax into the taste of summer!

K x

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