EP35: Recognising Domestic & Family Violence & how to make positive change

Domestic and Family Violence is a reality for too many families all over the world. And for those experiencing it, their journey to happiness has to start with recognising their situation, and making steps to change it!

May is Domestic and Family Violence Month here in Australia, so we're taking the opportunity to delve into this complex issue, shedding light on the multitude of complexities, and hopefully providing you with the knowledge and confidence to start to make positive changes.

Charlotte Simmons is a Psychologist with 17 years experience in the area of Domestic and Family Violence.

Our suggestions for people who suspect they might be in a DV situation:

1. Look at your situation objectively and trust your instincts

2. Speak to a friend or family member who you trust

3. Call a helpline for additional support and advice

DV Connect 1800 811 811

Lifeline 13 11 14

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