The Lazy Meditator (using an Eckhart Tolle technique)

Have you read the book 'A New Earth' by Eckhart Tolle? I'm reading it right now, and I can honestly say that no book has made me think as much as this for a very long time. He gives a completely new perspective on life, and once you see things the way he sees things, it's hard to ever reverse it... and in fact, according to Eckhart, reversal is impossible!

So here's where I want to start the discussion... meditation.

I've tried for years to meditate, although the 'trying' was something like me sitting down and closing my eyes for a good 30 seconds before getting up because I'm too 'busy' to meditate. According to Eckhart, that 'busyness' was my mind being totally in control of my 'Being'. I was completely unable to shut that thing down. The internal dialogue went something like 'don't think about anything... what about that person and how they did blah blah... damn! I'm thinking.. okay no thinking... I wish I hadn't done blah blah... Damn it!' etc etc.

And then finally after years of thinking it just wasn't for me, something in 'A New Earth' hit home. Eckhart talks about connecting to the 'inner body' which is to say, connecting to the feeling of aliveness in our body. And this, he says, connects us to the flow of the universe. It grounds us, and brings a feeling of peace and acceptance for all that is. He suggests focusing on our bodies as often as possible, and this in itself is a meditation.

So... there I was a 'non-meditator'. I followed his instructions and closed my eyes and focused my mind on the sensations within my body. I had never really been aware of them before, but there they were... There was a very subtle buzzing going on, and the longer I focused on it, the calmer I felt. And having something for my mind to focus on meant that I was actually able to stop it wandering quite so much.

I started practicing whenever I could. Everytime I sat down in a chair, I'd put my attention on my body. Having a cup of tea on the patio in silence suddenly became an incredible thing! I haven't been able to feel the same kind of buzz while walking around yet, but whenever I'm still, there it is, and I love it!

And the very best time for my lazy meditation...? First thing in the morning, if my daughter and husband allow it... I stay in bed with my body stretched out and my eyes closed. In those moments just after waking up, the buzzing that I can feel in my body is phenomenal! It's so powerful it's almost like a massage, and I can stay there happily 'meditating' for as long as my family allows (about an hour is the record). It's incredibly relaxing, and grounding. When I get up I feel completely at peace. I'm able to be present and calm. What can I say? It's glorious... you should try it!

(And the cool pic of the stones was taken by my friend Phil Jenkins in Yeppoon, Australia.)

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