EP9: Happiness through challenge with Cecilia Huggers

When you think of ‘happiness’ what comes to mind? Do you go straight to the image of a child laughing, or a bright smile, or a feeling of bursting with energy? Happiness can come in many forms, and for me it’s the solid foundation to build a life on. It’s the underlying belief in all that is good, and the confidence that no matter what life throws at me, I can handle it, and grow from the experience.

Cecilia Huggers is a Kinesiologist and Life Coach and she shares her story of depression and the role that a happiness practice plays in leveling out those challenging times.

Our simple steps to staying grounded through challenge include:

Practicing gratitude. Try it while you’re doing something that would normally bring you down. (I do it while I’m washing the dishes)

Get outside! And do it barefoot for an even better result!

Breath slowly and deeply!

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