EP5: Connection to self with Lee-Ann Lovegrove

Do you feel like you’re connected to the real you? Sounds like a trick question, but there’s a simple way to find out the answer... If you feel like life is tossing you around, and everything is happening TO you, then chances are you’re not really connected.

Lee-Ann Lovegrove is an emotional fitness coach and runs ‘the happiness prescription’. She describes what it really means to be connected to self, how you can tell if you are, and most importantly how we can either find our connection or strengthen it.

Our simple steps to connection include:

  1. Taking ownership of every aspect of your life. Have the courage to look at uncomfortable situations and acknowledge the role that you play.

  2. Owning who you are and letting people see the real you.

  3. Becoming aware of your thoughts and physical sensations.

  4. Setting an intention daily for what you want for yourself for that day.


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