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Our Mission is to empower individuals to create positive change, for themselves and their communities!  We believe that by doing this, we'll transform societal culture, fostering connected, caring, resilient communities!  Come on... let's change the world!

Hey There Happiness is a not-for-profit Organisation and a lot of what we do is driven by volunteers.  We started with our podcasts, blogs & recipes inspiring positive living, as well as delivering community arts projects across Queensland, using art as the vehicle for positive change.  Check out our Projects page to see what we've already created.  But now that we're growing, what we can offer you is growing too!  


We want to engage with you on a regular basis through events that encourage connection with nature, better physical health, a greater connection with ourselves and others and more self expression through all forms of creation, just to name a few of our ideas. 

What would connecting with us be like?  Here's a list of what's important to us:

1.  Empowerment

We believe that each individual has the power to change themselves & the world

2.  Self Expression

We believe that each of us is unique and it is this uniqueness that the world needs to see!

3.  Connection with Nature

We believe that by connecting with nature, we connect with ourselves.

4.  Relationships

We believe that positive relationships are the foundation for happiness.

5.  Compassion

We believe that compassion for ourselves and others is the key to positive relationships and personal growth.

6. Physical Health

We believe that taking care of our bodies supports happiness.

7.  Playfulness

We believe that playfulness facilitates connection on all levels!  Let's have fun!

And of course, everything we offer is free for all participants to take part in... because EVERYONE deserves to be happy!

So thank you for stopping by. I sincerely hope you’ll come along with us for the ride. And we’d love to hear your thoughts about everything that we're doing. Send us a message or use #heytherehappiness

Let’s choose happiness… together!

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meet kate!

Hey! Thanks for checking out Hey There Happiness. It’s my sincere hope that this will be a place of inspiration and support for people all around the world, encouraging you to live a life that truly makes you happy.

So what’s my story? In 2014, my life was a glowing ball of energy and good times. My music career was blossoming and my home life was wonderful. I had married an amazing creative, loving man and we had built a home that made us happy, among the trees. Our baby daughter came along, and then 8 weeks later, for my husband’s work, we moved to Germany.

It was mid winter, so right off the bat, I was faced with all sorts of challenges. I didn’t understand how to live in a cold climate. I couldn’t speak the language well enough to make real connections. I didn’t have a car, and we lived too far from most things to go by foot in the cold. My husband worked day and night. And of course my family and friends were half a world away. I was alone. Culturally, linguistically and physically isolated. No part of my life resembled what it had been at home.

It took surprising little time for me to fall apart. I started the journey with the attitude that ‘I can do this… I can do anything’… but within 6 months I had to admit that I had been expecting too much of myself. I started to crack, and each crack got bigger and bigger. I tried my hardest to pretend that it wasn’t happening, but the more I fought it, the further I fell, until finally I felt like there was nothing left of the me that I knew. I hit the bottom and shattered into a million pieces, falling to the ground like snow, and I had no idea what to do or any sense of which direction to go in. And so finally, I sat at the bottom and let myself feel everything that I had been trying to deny. And I stayed there… at the bottom, for about a year.

I found time for myself to just be and feel all of the emotions that were raging through me. Day in, day out. It was exhausting, but it also felt satisfying. Until finally the day came when I realised that even though I couldn’t change where we were living, it was up to me to change the way I felt about it.

I started looking into what I now call ‘happiness habits’. I tried everything I heard about, from gratitude, to time in nature, to expressing myself creatively and making an effort to connect with where I was… the list goes on. I found what worked for me and then I dedicated my days to the practice.

The ending to the story is clear right? These happiness practises, small as they may seem, allowed me to turn my life around even though nothing in my situation had changed. From hating life and feeling completely abandoned, I began to see all of the possibilities. I made connections. I had wonderful experiences. I fell in love with Germany and the people. And more than anything I learnt the importance of making happiness a conscious decision.

My story isn’t unique. We have all had times where we’ve felt like this to some extent. And this is exactly why I feel compelled to share my story. Talking about this is important. Starting the conversation is important. I want to share what I’ve learnt so far with you, and I want to continue this journey with you too.

Happiness is a daily practice, so let’s practice together.

With kindness,


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